Meditation II

Cat. S001


Female act

Cat. S002


Meditation I

Cat. S003

Kneeling figure

Cat. S004

Kneeling figure – torso

Cat. S005

Leda II

Cat. S006

Lying figure  I

Cat. S007

Lying act with ball II

Cat. S008

Act with abstraction

Cat. S009

Small act

Cat. S010


Cat. S011

Meditation I

Cat. S012

Sitting figure

Cat. S013

Lying act with ball I

Cat. S014


Cat. S015

On the beach I

Cat. S016

Lying figure  I

Cat. S017

Lying figure

Cat. S018

Information on the sculptures available for casting in bronze and on their pricing can be requested by e-mail. Every cast sculpture is delivered with a certificate of originality. The order-to-delivery time is 45 days minimum.