Short Biography

Velibor "Count" Mačukatin (1919–2010) was born on November 3 on the Island of Brač. He attended primary school in Split and Zagreb. In 1937 he enrolled in the Zagreb School of Crafts, in the class of Prof. Davorin Hotko.

Having attended classes at the Sculpting Department  of the School of Crafts for two years, he enrolled in the Academy of Arts, where his professors were Kerdić, Kršinić and Meštrović. He interrupted his studies to join the Partisan resistance 1944–1945.

He graduated from the Academy in 1946. After that he attended a two-year specialist course in the class of Professor Antun Augustinčić and continued to work as his assistant on the monuments Batina Skela (Novi Sad) Šitluci (Banja Luka), United Nations (New York), Matija Gubec (Gornja Stubica).

The first exhibition he participated in was the "Second exhibition of the Society of Croatian Artists" held 1946 in Zagreb. In the same year he exhibited his first medal in Paris, dedicated to a women's congress. In 1955 he held his first one-man exhibition at the Society of Croatian Artists' Salon in Zagreb. He co-operated with architect Đuka Kavurić on a number of permanent museum exhibitions, such as the Revolution Museum in Sarajevo, the Labour Movement Museum in Slavonski Brod, the Vojvodina Revolution Museum in Novi Sad, the Skopje Museum, the City Museum in Vukovar, etc.

His works are owned by different galleries and private collections in Croatia and abroad.

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